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If you want to learn to play pickleball, you have come to the right place! TheGlowChamp.com is your home for beginner pickleball players or players looking to make it to the next level. Learn more about pickleball basics, find a pickleball instructor near you, and search the pickleball courts in your area.

The growth of pickleball is exploding — and for good reason! It is fun. It’s competitive. It’s social. It’s active. It reduces stress and it reinforces healthy habits in those who play!

Improve Your Game

Pickleball 101

Discover the game of pickleball and start learning the ins and outs of the rules, manners, and scoring for singles and doubles.

Pickleball Rules

Even though it's exciting to go onto the court and begin playing, make sure you are familiar with the regulations beforehand.

Pickleball Shots

Mastering the fundamentals of sound shot execution on the court is essential to improving your pickleball skills and winning matches.

Pickleball Strategy

Winning pickleball demands not just basic shot-making skills but also the development and application of strategies on the court.

Pickleball Tournaments

Are you preparing to participate in your first pickleball competition? To find out how to compete in tournaments, click this link.

Pickleball Gear

You can get all of your pickleball equipment here, including paddles, bags, shoes, and accessories!

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