Why Are Basketball Players Always Chewing Gum? 5 Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Why Are Basketball Players Always Chewing Gum? 5 Benefits Of Chewing Gum

As the current pandemic keeps NBA arenas eerily silent, a perplexing question lingers in our minds: Why do basketball players exhibit such an unwavering fixation on chewing gum? The act of masticating gum has become an entrenched practice among athletes of diverse backgrounds and skill levels for an extensive period. However, what exactly entices these distinguished hoopsters to indulge in this seemingly banal activity? With recent research emerging about the potential advantages, let us embark on a profound exploration of the reasons behind basketball players’ gum-chewing proclivity and how it plausibly augments their performance on the hallowed court.

Is Chew Gum Use Good While Playing Basketball? Advantages That Would Matter

We have witnessed it unfold countless times: a player approaches the free-throw line, extracts a piece of gum, and commences a vigorous chewing session. Yet, what compels them to engage in this ritual? One plausible reason lies in the capacity of gum chewing to enhance cognitive functioning. An illuminating study conducted at the University of Northumbria has unearthed evidence suggesting that chewing gum can bolster cognitive performance when tackling tasks that demand sustained attention and memory retention.

What Are The 5 Benefits Of Chewing Gum Inside The Basketball Court?

  1. Help You Burn Calories
  2. Improve Cognitive Performance
  3. Help You Recover From Exercise
  4. Increase Endurance
  5. Keep Your Mouth Hydrated

1-Help You Burn Calories:

Engaging in the act of chewing gum elicits a greater calorie burn compared to remaining sedentary. This arises from the fact that both chewing and the activation of jaw muscles necessitate energy expenditure, which accumulates over time. Notably, a comprehensive study undertaken at the University of Rhode Island ascertained that chewing gum can contribute to an additional 11 calories burned per hour. In the dynamic realm of basketball, where every calorie counts, these incremental energy expenses can amass swiftly.

2-Improve Cognitive Performance:

The merits of chewing gum extend beyond the realm of physical prowess, permeating the very fabric of mental acuity. According to the aforementioned research conducted at the University of Northumbria, chewing gum can bolster cognitive performance during tasks that demand sustained attention and memory retention. Consequently, athletes partaking in gum-chewing activities on the court equip themselves with an added dimension, as they harness not only physical aptitude but also fortified mental fortitude.

3-Help You Recover From Exercise:

The expeditious recovery from rigorous physical activity stands as yet another potential benefit attributed to the act of chewing gum. A study emanating from the esteemed University of Birmingham posits that chewing gum subsequent to engaging in physical exertion can mitigate perceived fatigue and elevate overall energy levels. Thus, if one aspires to expedite their return to the court after a taxing encounter, adopting the practice of gum chewing may warrant consideration, bestowing gratitude upon the resilient human form.

4-Increase Endurance:

For those yearning to optimize their performance on the basketball court, incorporating the act of gum chewing may hold the key. A comprehensive study conducted at the University of Georgia unraveled an intriguing finding, suggesting that chewing gum during physical exercise can confer a noteworthy surge in endurance, reaching a staggering 15% augmentation. Such a substantial enhancement equates to an entire quarter of additional energy, propelling one’s game to unprecedented heights.

5-Keep Your Mouth Hydrated:

Amidst the arduous battles waged on the court, gum chewing can also serve as a tool to maintain oral hydration. A seminal study originating from the University of Birmingham illuminates the profound impact of this practice. By stimulating saliva production, chewing gum assists athletes in mitigating the perils of dehydration, a concern that should not be taken lightly. Thus, when engaged in a lengthy game or practice session, one may find solace in reaching for a trusty piece of gum, quenching not only their thirst but also their fervor for success.

NBA Basketball Players And Bubble Gums:

Since the turn of the millennium, professional players have spearheaded the burgeoning trend of gum-chewing within basketball games. The underlying reasons for this predilection become clearer upon closer examination. Research indicates that bubble gum offers an array of benefits for athletes, encompassing the realms of enhanced endurance, augmented cognitive performance, fatigue reduction, expedited recovery, and oral hydration. Consequently, numerous luminaries within the esteemed NBA pantheon have wholeheartedly embraced this practice, and its prevalence shows no signs of abating.

Negative Effects Of Chewing Gum During Basketball Games

While chewing gum during a basketball game holds the potential for substantial benefits, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with this practice. Carelessness in chewing may result in choking incidents or dental complications, thereby heightening the potential for harm. Furthermore, gum chewing can prove distracting and disruptive, sowing discord among players and impinging upon the fluidity of the game itself. It remains imperative to bear in mind that despite the presence of certain benefits, gum chewing is not indispensable and must be approached with caution to avoid undesirable consequences.

The Quintet of NBA Basketball Players Who Embrace Gum Chewing with Unyielding Fervor:

If you seek a compilation of renowned NBA players who have achieved notoriety for their unabated love affair with gum chewing, your quest ends here. Below, we present a quintet of players who have seamlessly fused their basketball prowess with their affinity for chewing gum:

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Dwyane Wade
  5. LeBron James

1-Michael Jordan:

Undoubtedly, the most iconic individual synonymous with gum chewing during basketball games is none other than Michael Jordan. Throughout his illustrious career, he consistently graced the court with a resolute piece of gum, ultimately establishing his own eponymous brand of bubble gum.

2-Shaquille O’Neal:

Shaquille O’Neal, a towering figure both in stature and reputation, fervently embraces the art of gum chewing. In fact, he boasts a specialized brand of bubble gum, aptly named “Shaq Fu,” which further solidifies his status as a gum-chewing connoisseur.

3-Kobe Bryant:

Kobe Bryant, revered for his unparalleled skills and indomitable spirit, habitually indulged in gum chewing during games. For the late basketball prodigy, chewing gum served as a method of centering himself amidst the tempestuous tides of competition.

4-Dwyane Wade:

Dwyane Wade, a luminary within the basketball realm, developed a distinct affinity for gum chewing during games. His idiosyncratic “Wade Wave,” a celebratory gesture performed following monumental plays, became intrinsically entwined with his gum-chewing ritual.

5-LeBron James:

LeBron James, a paragon of excellence and one of the most recognizable figures in the sport, fervently engages in gum chewing. Whether it be during pregame warmups or sporting a pack of gum within his locker, James seamlessly intertwines this practice with his unwavering pursuit of triumph.


Does Chewing Gum Help With Basketball?

Ans. Indeed, chewing gum can manifest a range of advantages in the realm of basketball, encompassing increased endurance, reduced fatigue, and oral hydration.

Is It Bad To Chew Gum During Basketball?

Ans. It is crucial to exercise caution while chewing gum during basketball games, as it harbors the potential for choking incidents or dental problems. Moreover, the practice can prove distracting and disruptive, detracting from the game’s overall flow. While gum chewing holds certain benefits, it is by no means obligatory and necessitates careful execution.

Why Is Chewing Gum Good For Athletes?

Ans. Athletes derive benefits from chewing gum due to its potential to enhance endurance, cognitive performance, mitigate fatigue, expedite recovery, and maintain oral hydration. It represents a formidable tool for gaining an edge over competitors while sustaining optimal energy levels during protracted matches or rigorous training sessions.

Does Michael Jordan Chew Gum During Games?

Ans. Unquestionably, Michael Jordan stands as the quintessential figure associated with gum chewing during basketball games. His court presence was characterized by a steadfast commitment to chewing gum, culminating in the establishment of his eponymous bubble gum brand.


The act of chewing gum during basketball games holds the promise of bestowing a plethora of benefits upon players, encompassing heightened endurance, enhanced cognitive performance, reduced fatigue, expedited recovery, and oral hydration. However, it is essential to exercise caution, recognizing the potential hazards that accompany gum chewing if approached carelessly. Ultimately, the decision of whether to partake in this practice rests with each player, contingent upon meticulous deliberation.

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