Who Is The Worst NBA Player? 30 Worst NBA Players Of All Time


The fast-paced world of professional basketball creates legends and shatters records. However, not every player can bask in the glory of success. This article delves into Who Is The Worst NBA Player in history. These athletes have left an indelible mark on the court for all the wrong reasons. They did this through lacklustre performances and infamous blunders.

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Darko Milicic:

Darko Milicic, often dubbed the biggest draft bust in NBA history, entered the league with high expectations. However, he could have lived up to the hype. The Serbian forward’s lack of impact on the court makes him a prime candidate for this list.

Adam Morrison:

Adam Morrison’s stellar college career could have translated better into the professional arena. Despite scoring a lot in college, Morrison struggled with injuries and inconsistency. His NBA stint was far from remarkable.

Kwame Brown:

In the 2001 NBA Draft, Kwame Brown was chosen by the Washington Wizards with the first overall pick. However, he failed to justify his high selection. Brown is ineffective on both ends of the court. His underwhelming career places him among the worst in NBA history.

Michael Olowokandi:

Standing 7 feet tall, Michael Olowokandi was expected to dominate the paint. However, the Nigerian centre needed more skill and made little impact on the game. This labelled him as a colossal disappointment during his NBA tenure.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili:

Nikoloz Tskitishvili often elicits puzzled looks from NBA enthusiasts. He had a forgettable career marked by inefficiency and lacklustre performances. His inability to contribute significantly lands him on this ignominious list.

Hasheem Thabeet:

Hasheem Thabeet is 7 feet 3 inches tall. He struggled to make a meaningful impact in the NBA. Despite his shot-blocking prowess, Thabeet’s limited offensive skills hindered his career progression.

Jonny Flynn:

Selected just after Stephen Curry in the 2009 NBA Draft, Jonny Flynn could have lived up to the hype. Injuries and inconsistency plagued his career. This made him a disappointing choice for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Jimmer Fredette:

Jimmer Fredette was a great scorer in college, but it didn’t work out in the NBA. Despite his shooting ability, Fredette struggled to find a consistent role. This led to a lacklustre professional career.

Greg Oden:

Persistent injuries marred Greg Oden’s promising career. They prevented him from reaching his full potential. The Portland Trail Blazers’ decision to select Oden over Kevin Durant remains one of the most regrettable choices in NBA Draft history.

Anthony Bennett:

Anthony Bennett’s selection as the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft raised eyebrows. His lacklustre performances justified the scepticism. Bennett’s inability to adapt to the NBA game quickly labelled him as one of the biggest draft busts.

Analyzing The Criteria For Inclusion:

Various factors were considered to compile a list of the 30 worst NBA players of all time. These include player statistics, impact on team performance, individual achievements, and overall contribution to the game. Personal opinions may vary. The selected players share a common thread: underwhelming careers.

Hashing Out The Stats:

A crucial aspect of determining the worst NBA players involves dissecting their statistics. The analysts scrutinized points per game, field goal percentages, and defensive contributions. They used this data to assess each player’s overall impact.

Impact On Team Performance:

The effect a player has on their team’s overall performance cannot be ignored. Players who consistently failed to elevate their team’s game or hindered their success found a place on this list.

Lack Of Individual Achievements:

In a league where individual accolades hold significant weight, we considered players who lacked notable achievements for inclusion. Their ranking was affected by the absence of All-Star appearances, All-NBA team selections, and other honours.

Overall Contribution To The Game:

Beyond statistics and accolades, a player’s overall contribution to the game was evaluated. Those who failed to leave a lasting impact or contribute meaningfully to the evolution of basketball found themselves on this list.

Navigating Through The List: Players 11 To 30

The top 10 worst NBA players have been highlighted. Let’s now navigate through the remaining 20 individuals. They earned a spot on this notorious list for various reasons.

Eddy Curry:

Eddy Curry’s lack of defensive skills made him a liability in court. His limited rebounding prowess also hurt his team. Despite his imposing physical presence, Curry failed to make a significant impact during his NBA career.

Jan Vesely:

Jan Vesely’s transition from European success to NBA mediocrity was swift. Vesely’s unimpressive stint in the league was due to his inability to adapt to the faster-paced NBA game.

Sebastian Telfair:

Sebastian Telfair entered the NBA with high expectations. However, he still needs to carve out a lasting career. Inconsistency and off-court issues hindered Telfair’s potential.

Joe Alexander:

Joe Alexander’s athleticism and scoring ability shone in college. However, they failed to translate to the NBA. His underwhelming performances relegated him to the ranks of the worst NBA players.

Shelden Williams:

Despite his success in college, Shelden Williams struggled to find his footing in the NBA. Williams was labelled a disappointment due to his limited offensive skills and lack of impact on the defensive end.

Rafael Araujo:

Rafael Araujo’s lack of versatility and inability to adapt to the NBA game landed him on this list. Despite being a first-round pick, Araujo’s contributions were far from noteworthy.

Acie Law IV:

Selected in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft, Acie Law IV could have lived up to expectations. Law’s inability to secure a consistent role and showcase his touted skills made him one of the worst NBA players.

Yi Jianlian:

Yi Jianlian’s arrival in the NBA was surrounded by hype. However, his performances failed to match expectations. Jianlian’s inconsistent play and lack of impact on the court disappointed him.

Jon Koncak:

Jon Koncak’s lucrative contract with the Atlanta Hawks exceeded his on-court contributions. Koncak is labelled one of the most overpaid players in NBA history. His lack of production earns him a spot on this list.

Michael Sweetney:

Michael Sweetney’s struggles with weight and conditioning affected his on-court performance. Sweetney’s inability to handle the physical demands of professional basketball led to his inclusion among the worst NBA players.

Darius Miles:

Darius Miles entered the league with immense potential but failed to fulfil expectations. Injuries and inconsistency marred Miles’ career. They made him a regrettable choice for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Stromile Swift:

Stromile Swift was athletic, but his inconsistency on the court hindered his impact. Despite flashes of brilliance, Swift’s inability to maintain a high level of play earned him a spot on this list.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili:

Nikoloz Tskitishvili’s inclusion on this list emphasizes the extent of his NBA struggles. Tskitishvili was a forgotten forward. He made a double appearance. His underwhelming career is undeniable.

Chris Washburn:

Chris Washburn’s off-court troubles overshadowed his on-court potential. Substance abuse issues derailed Washburn’s career. They made him one of the worst NBA players in history.

Robert Swift:

Robert Swift’s promising start in the NBA was cut short by injuries and off-court issues. The potential displayed early in his career quickly faded. This earned Swift a place among the league’s worst.

Jerome James:

Jerome James’ lackluster performances with the Seattle SuperSonics earned him the nickname “Big Snacks.” Even though he briefly surged in the playoffs, James failed to keep succeeding. This cemented his place among the worst NBA players.


This detailed exploration uncovers the stories, struggles, and shortcomings of the 30 worst NBA players ever. High draft picks failing to meet expectations and players plagued by off-court issues are two examples of the diverse reasons that can lead to a player’s downfall in professional basketball.

Reflecting on these players’ careers, we must acknowledge that success and failure in the NBA are often intertwined. The league celebrates its legends. It also bears witness to those who, for various reasons, couldn’t etch their names in basketball history.


Q: Who is considered the worst NBA player of all time?

Ans. Determining the absolute worst NBA player is subjective, as opinions vary. Various players have been labelled as the worst based on different criteria.

Q: Can statistics alone determine who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Statistics provide insights. However, labelling someone as the worst requires a holistic assessment. This considers factors beyond just numbers.

Q: Are there any recent contenders for the title of the worst NBA player?

Ans. The debate over who currently holds the title of the worst NBA player is ongoing. New candidates are emerging based on recent performances.

Q: Does being a top draft pick influence perceptions of who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. High expectations for top draft picks can intensify criticism. If their performance falls short, criticism can be even more intense. This could lead to the label of the worst.

Q: Are there players who were once stars but later considered the worst?

Ans. Yes, some players who were once stars faced a decline in performance. This has led to debates about whether they should be labeled as the worst.

Q: How does team impact play a role in determining who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. A player’s impact on the team and team dynamics is crucial. Poor teamwork can contribute to perceptions of being the worst.

Q: Is the title of the worst NBA player based solely on on-court performance?

Ans. No. Off-court behaviour, attitude, and how players handle adversity also influence who is seen as the worst NBA player.

Q: Can personal biases affect opinions on who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Personal biases, including team loyalties and individual preferences, can shape opinions. This can influence who people think should be labeled as the worst.

Q: Do fan opinions play a role in determining who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Fan opinions can significantly impact the perception of a player. Public discourse often influences who is considered the worst.

Q: Has there ever been a player labelled as the worst who later proved critics wrong?

Ans. Yes, some players initially labelled as the worst managed to overcome challenges. They showcased resilience and proved critics wrong.

Q: How do international players fare in discussions about who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. International players are not immune to discussions about being the worst. Performance is evaluated irrespective of nationality.

Q: Does social media contribute to the debate on who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Yes, social media platforms amplify discussions. Fans and analysts share opinions on who they believe deserves the worst title.

Q: Can a single lousy season lead to a player being labelled the worst?

Ans. A lousy season can contribute to negative perceptions. However, labelling someone the worst often requires a broader view of their career.

Q: Are there instances of players who were unfairly labelled as the worst?

Ans. Yes, external factors, injuries, or personal struggles may unfairly contribute to a player being perceived as the worst.

Q: How does the “bust” label relate to discussions about who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. The “bust” label often aligns with discussions about the worst. It reflects unmet expectations and perceived underperformance.

Q: Can a player’s position on the court influence perceptions of who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Yes, the expectations and demands of different positions can impact how a player is evaluated in discussions about being the worst.

Q: Are there debates about who the worst NBA player is within the basketball community?

Ans. Analysts, former players, and coaches often debate who deserves the worst title. They base their opinions on their unique perspectives.

Q: Does longevity in the league shield a player from being labelled as the worst?

Ans. Longevity can be a mitigating factor. However, sustained poor performance over an extended period may still contribute to perceptions of being the worst.

Q: How do controversies, such as legal issues, impact perceptions of who is the worst NBA player?

Ans. Off-court controversies can significantly influence public opinion. This can lead to a player being labelled as the worst.

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