When Does Volleyball Season Start?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

Volleyball is a sport loved by many, and whether you’re a player, a coach, or a passionate fan, knowing when the volleyball season starts is crucial. In this article, we will dive into the various volleyball seasons, from club volleyball to high school and college volleyball. We’ll explore the start and end dates so you can mark your calendar and prepare for the upcoming season. Unlock the Game: When Does Volleyball Season Start? Find Out Now and Spike Your Excitement! Dive In!

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Understanding Volleyball Seasons:

Before we get into specific start dates, we must understand the different levels of volleyball and their respective seasons.

Club Volleyball Season:

Club volleyball is a competitive sport that often runs year-round but follows a typical season structure.

High School Volleyball Season:

High school volleyball has its distinct season, primarily aligned with the school calendar.

College Volleyball Season:

College volleyball, especially NCAA volleyball, operates on a different schedule and level of competitiveness.

Men’s Volleyball Season:

Men’s volleyball has its own set of schedules and leagues to follow.

AAU Volleyball Season:

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) also offers volleyball opportunities with specific start dates.

YMCA Volleyball Season:

If you’re looking for recreational volleyball, the YMCA has its season, too.

Middle School Volleyball Season:

Middle school volleyball provides opportunities for younger players.

When Does Club Volleyball Season Start?

Club volleyball is known for its rigorous training and competition. The start date varies slightly depending on the club and location, but it generally begins in the late fall or early winter. Tryouts often occur a few months before the season starts, so watch for announcements.

When Does High School Volleyball Season Start?

High school volleyball typically kicks off in late summer or early fall. Schools in different regions might have slightly different schedules, so checking with your athletic department for specific dates is a good idea.

When Does College Volleyball Season Start?

NCAA volleyball has a specific calendar. For Division I, the season usually starts in late August and runs through November, with postseason tournaments extending into December. Division II and III may have slightly different timelines, so checking with your college’s athletics department is best.

When Does Men’s Volleyball Season Start?

Men’s volleyball has its season, typically beginning in January and running through April. This is when colleges and universities with men’s volleyball teams compete.

When Does AAU Volleyball Season Start?

AAU volleyball seasons can vary by region, but they often start in winter and continue into spring and summer. Visit the AAU website for regional schedules and registration details.

When Does YMCA Volleyball Season Start?

The YMCA offers volleyball programs, and their seasons often align with the school year, starting in the fall and ending in the spring.

When Does Middle School Volleyball Season Start?

Middle school volleyball usually begins in late summer or early fall, similar to high school volleyball. Check with your local school district for precise dates.

When Does Volleyball Season End?

Now that we’ve covered the starting dates, let’s discuss when these volleyball seasons typically come to a close.

Club Volleyball:

Club seasons often end in late spring or early summer, culminating with national championships.

High School Volleyball:

High school seasons conclude with regional and state championships, usually in late fall or early winter.

College Volleyball:

NCAA volleyball seasons end with conference tournaments and national championships, wrapping up in December.

Men’s Volleyball:

Men’s college volleyball seasons typically conclude in April with their own championship events.

AAU Volleyball:

AAU seasons may vary by region, but they often wrap up in the late spring or early summer.

YMCA Volleyball:

YMCA seasons align with the school year and usually conclude in the spring.

Middle School Volleyball:

Middle school volleyball seasons wrap up in the late fall or early winter, following the high school schedule.

With this information, you can plan your volleyball involvement accordingly, whether you’re a player, coach, or fan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I participate in both club and high school volleyball simultaneously?

Ans. Yes, playing club and high school volleyball is possible, but it can be physically demanding. Make sure to manage your schedule and prioritize your well-being.

Q: Is there a professional volleyball league in the United States?

Ans. Yes, the United States has professional volleyball leagues, including the National Volleyball Association (NVA) for men’s volleyball and the Athletes Unlimited league for women’s volleyball.

Q: How can I find a club volleyball team in my area?

Ans. To find a club volleyball team, search online, attend local tournaments, and ask for recommendations from coaches or experienced players in your region.

Q: When does beach volleyball season start?

Ans. Beach volleyball often has a season that aligns with the warmer months, typically starting in the late spring or early summer.

Q: What are the key differences between indoor and beach volleyball seasons?

Ans. Indoor volleyball is typically played in a controlled indoor environment, while beach volleyball is played on sand outdoors. The rules and dynamics also vary slightly between the two formats.

Q: What is the typical start date for junior volleyball leagues?

Ans. Junior volleyball leagues typically start in late August or early September, aligning with the school year for many participants.[3]

Q: When does the professional volleyball season usually begin?

Ans. The start of the professional volleyball season can vary depending on the league and region. Indoor professional volleyball leagues often begin in September or October, while beach volleyball seasons may start at different times, sometimes in the summer.2]

Q: Are there any off-season training programs for volleyball players?

Ans. Many volleyball players engage in off-season training to enhance their skills and fitness. These programs can occur during the non-competitive months and focus on individual development and conditioning.

Q: When does beach volleyball season start in different regions?

Ans. Beach volleyball season varies by region and climate. In many coastal areas, it starts in the late spring or early summer, using warmer weather conditions.

Q: Do volleyball seasons vary by age group in junior leagues?

Ans. Yes, volleyball seasons in junior leagues often have different age groups and divisions, each with its own start and end dates, aligning with participants’ age and skill levels.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the usual start dates for high school volleyball?

Ans. Start dates for high school volleyball may vary by state or region, with some areas beginning in late summer and others in early fall. School district decisions and local regulations influence these variations.

Q: How far in advance are volleyball tryouts typically announced?

Ans. Volleyball tryout announcements are usually made a few weeks to a couple of months before the start of the season, allowing players to prepare and plan accordingly.

Q: When do youth recreational volleyball leagues usually commence?

Ans. Youth recreational volleyball leagues often start in the fall, aligning with the school year and providing opportunities for young players to participate.

Q: Are there any preseason tournaments or events for college volleyball?

Ans. College volleyball teams may participate in preseason tournaments or exhibition matches before the official season starts. These events help couples prepare for competitive play.

Q: What are the typical start and end dates for adult recreational volleyball leagues?

Ans. Adult recreational volleyball leagues can vary widely in start and end dates, often depending on local organizers and facility availability. Some run year-round, while others follow a seasonal schedule.

Q: Is there a difference in the start dates for men’s and women’s volleyball seasons?

Ans. The start dates for men’s and women’s volleyball seasons can vary but often follow a similar timeline. Specifics may differ based on the league and region.

Q: Do club volleyball seasons have regional variations in start dates?

Ans. Yes, club volleyball seasons can start at different times in various regions, depending on climate and competition schedules.

Q: When do international volleyball tournaments, like the Olympics, typically start?

Ans. International volleyball tournaments, such as the Olympics, have specific schedules set by the organizing bodies. The timing can vary, but the Olympics, for example, typically occur every four years.

Q: Is there a specific age requirement for joining junior club volleyball teams?

Ans. Age requirements for junior club volleyball teams can vary, but they often follow age group divisions based on the player’s birthdate. Specifics depend on the club and league rules.

Q: How do I find information about upcoming volleyball events in my area?

Ans. You can find information about local volleyball events through various sources, including online sports calendars, club websites, and social media platforms.

Q: When do training camps for aspiring volleyball players usually take place?

Ans. Volleyball training camps often occur during the off-season or summer months when players have more time to focus on skill development.

Q: Are there any online resources for checking local volleyball season schedules?

Ans. Many organizations and clubs provide online resources to check local volleyball season schedules, including game dates and locations.

Q: Do intramural volleyball leagues at universities have set start dates?

Ans. Intramural volleyball leagues at universities often have start dates determined by the university’s academic calendar and sports department.

Q: Are there any specific rules regarding the start of volleyball season in school districts?

Ans. School districts ‘ rules regarding the start of volleyball season can vary by state and district policies. Some communities may have specific guidelines for sports seasons.

Q: When does the professional beach volleyball season begin and end each year?

Ans. The professional beach volleyball season typically starts in the summer and can extend through the warmer seasons, ending in the early fall.


Volleyball season start dates vary depending on the level of play, from club to high school, college, and more. It’s essential to stay informed about these dates, especially if you’re a participant or an enthusiast. You can better prepare and take full advantage of the sport if you are aware of when the season starts and concludes.

Remember to check with specific organizations, schools, or clubs for exact dates and any changes in schedules. Get out there and bump, set, and spike your way to a fantastic volleyball season!

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