What Is A Double Double In NBA?


Stats are pivotal in evaluating a player’s performance in NBA basketball. Among these stats, the terms Double Double In NBA and triple-double hold special significance. Let’s explore these terms’ definitions, examples, and historical milestones.

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What Is A Double-Double In The NBA?

In a game, a double-double happens when a player reaches double digits in two stats. The most common combination involves points and rebounds. It showcases a player’s versatility on both offense and defense.

Double-Double In Basketball Example:

An illustrative example of a double-double could be a player scoring 15 points in a game and securing 10 rebounds. This showcases their ability to contribute significantly in multiple facets of the game.

Types Of Double-Doubles:

Various double-doubles showcase a player’s versatility and skill on the court. The most common double-doubles involve points and rebounds. A player must score at least ten points and grab ten or more rebounds. However, players can achieve double-doubles in different combinations. For example, points and assists or even steals and blocks.

Why Is It Called A Double-Double?

The term “double-double” originates from repeating the word “double” in the achievement. It signifies that a player has doubled two statistical categories in a single game. This term has become ingrained in basketball culture. It is widely used to acknowledge and appreciate a player’s exceptional performance on the court.

Other Statistical Achievements In Basketball:


While the double-double is impressive, the triple-double is even more remarkable. Players who record double digits in three statistical categories during a game are awarded this achievement. This showcases a player’s exceptional ability. They can contribute across multiple facets of the game.


A quadruple-double is an exceedingly rare accomplishment. In a single game, it occurs when a player hits double digits in four statistical categories.

This extraordinary feat highlights a player’s unparalleled skill and impact on the court.


The pinnacle of statistical achievements is the quintuple-double. It’s almost mythical when a player reaches double digits in all five main statistical categories during a game. This achievement is incredibly rare. It is reserved for players with unparalleled skill, versatility, and dominance.

How Common Are Double-Doubles?

Double-doubles are common in basketball. Many top players consistently achieve this feat. The frequency of double-doubles varies among players and positions. Centers often excel in points and rebounds, while guards may focus on issues and assists.

Which Players Record The Most Double-Doubles?

Several basketball legends have consistently recorded the most double-doubles throughout their careers. Players like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Tim Duncan have etched their names in history. They always contributed in multiple statistical categories. This left an indelible mark on the game.

Double-Double in NBA Career:

When evaluating a player’s career, double-double takes a cumulative perspective. It denotes a player’s consistent ability to achieve double-digit statistics in two categories over an extended period.

Demystifying Triple-Doubles In NBA:

What Is A Triple Double In The NBA?

A triple-double is an extraordinary feat. This occurs when a player achieves double digits in three different statistical categories in a single game. This typically involves points, rebounds, and assists.

Fastest Triple Double In NBA History:

The NBA has witnessed breathtaking moments. Players achieved a triple-double in record time. The fastest instance might involve a player accomplishing this feat within the first three-quarters of a game. This highlights exceptional skill and efficiency.

Best Triple Double In NBA History:

Defining the “best” triple-double is subjective. It often involves an outstanding performance in critical moments. This performance contributes significantly to a team’s victory. Historical games have remarkable statistics and game-changing plays. They usually stand out in discussions about the best triple-double performances.

Exploring Beyond: Quadruple Doubles

What Is A Quadruple-Double In The NBA?

Double-doubles and triple-doubles are more common. However, a quadruple-double is an extremely rare achievement. A player reaches double digits in four statistical categories in a single game. Such instances are rare, emphasizing the player’s unparalleled skill and versatility.

Significance Of Triple Doubles In NBA:

Importance Of Triple Doubles In The NBA:

Triple doubles are not just statistical milestones. They often correlate with a player’s impact on the overall game. Players achieving triple-doubles are crucial assets. They showcase their ability to contribute in various ways. This elevates their team’s performance.

Triple Doubles In The NBA:

Teams value players who consistently achieve triple-doubles. These players become all-around contributors, making them formidable opponents. The NBA community often celebrates players who regularly accomplish this.


Q: What is a double-double in the NBA?

Ans. In the NBA, a double-double is when a player records double digits in two statistical categories during a single game. This commonly involves points and rebounds.

Q: Can you provide a simple example of what is a double-double in the NBA?

Ans. Certainly! An example of a double-double would be a player scoring 12 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Q: Is a double-double limited to points and rebounds only?

Ans. No, the most common combination is points and rebounds. A double-double can involve any two statistical categories. For example, points and assists or rebounds and blocks.

Q: How does achieving a double-double contribute to a player’s performance?

Ans. A double-double highlights a player’s ability to contribute significantly in two different aspects of the game. It showcases versatility and impact.

Q: Are there specific players known for consistently achieving double-doubles in the NBA?

Ans. Yes, several NBA players have gained a reputation for regularly achieving double-doubles. They have become critical contributors to their teams.

Q: Does achieving a double-double correlate with team success?

Ans. Yes, players who regularly get double-doubles often greatly help their team. They impact both offensive and defensive aspects.

Q: Can a player achieve multiple double-doubles in a single NBA season?

Ans. Absolutely, players can achieve multiple double-doubles throughout a season, demonstrating consistent performance.

Q: Is there a specific threshold for double-digit figures in a double-double?

Ans. Yes, a double-double involves reaching a minimum of ten in two statistical categories. This emphasizes a player’s sustained excellence.

Q: How is a double-double different from a triple-double?

Ans. A double-double involves two statistical categories. A triple-double requires achieving double digits in three types. This showcases an even higher level of versatility.

Q: Are there positions in basketball more likely to achieve double-doubles?

Ans. Any position can achieve a double-double. However, centers and power forwards, who are closer to the basket, often excel in points and rebounds.

Q: Can a guard position player achieve a double-double in the NBA?

Ans. Yes, guards can achieve double-doubles by excelling in points and assists. They can also achieve double-doubles by excelling in points and rebounds. This showcases their all-around skills.

Q: Does the term double-double extend to the NBA playoffs?

Ans. Yes, the concept of a double-double applies to both regular-season and playoff games in the NBA.

Q: Are there records for the most double-doubles in NBA history?

Ans. Yes, several players hold records for the most double-doubles in their careers. This solidifies their place in NBA history.

Q: Can a player achieve a double-double and still lose the game?

Ans. Yes, individual achievements like a double-double don’t guarantee team success. The overall team performance also plays a crucial role.

Q: How do coaches value players with a consistent double-double record?

Ans. Coaches highly value players with consistent double-doubles. They contribute significantly to various aspects of the game, making them indispensable assets.

Can a player achieve a double-double with defensive statistics, like steals and blocks?

Ans. Yes, a double-double can involve any combination of statistical categories. This includes defensive stats like steals and blocks.

Q: Are there instances of unconventional double-double combinations in NBA history?

Ans. There are instances where players achieve double-doubles with unique combinations. This showcases the diversity of skills in the NBA.

Q: Can a rookie player achieve a double-double in their debut NBA season?

Ans. Yes, talented rookies have showcased their abilities. They achieved double-doubles early in their NBA careers.

Q: Are there awards or recognition precisely for players with numerous double-doubles?

Ans. There isn’t a specific award. However, players with many double-doubles often receive recognition. Their consistent and impactful performances are why.

Q: How does achieving a double-double contribute to a player’s career legacy?

Ans. Regularly achieving double-doubles enhances a player’s legacy. It demonstrates their ability to impact games consistently and contribute to team success.

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