What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football

What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football?

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Football, the beautiful game, is filled with unique language, and if you’re new to the sport, you might find yourself puzzled by the many acronyms and terms thrown around. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll decode some of the most common football acronyms and terms, What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football and T.O.P. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of these terms and their significance in the world of football.

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What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football?

The Basics Of P.A.T:

P.A.T. stands for “Point After Touchdown,” and it’s an essential part of American football. After a team scores a touchdown by crossing the opponent’s goal line with the ball, they have the opportunity to earn extra points by kicking the ball through the uprights. This is where the P.A.T comes into play.

How Does It Work?

The P.A.T. is essentially a short-field goal attempt. It’s taken from a fixed distance from the opponent’s end zone, usually 15 yards away. The team is awarded one point if the kicker successfully sends the ball through the uprights. It’s a test of precision and accuracy and can be a game-changer in close matches.


The P.A.T. is crucial in determining the outcome of a game. It can turn a tie into a victory or vice versa. Many nail-biting games have been decided by the success or failure of this seemingly straightforward kick.

What Does P Mean In Football Tables?

Understanding The ‘P’ In Football Tables:

In football tables or standings, the letter ‘P’ represents a team’s number of matches during a particular season or tournament. It stands for “Played.”

Its Importance:

The ‘P’ statistic is essential for fans, coaches, and analysts as it provides a quick snapshot of a team’s activity in the competition. It helps in assessing a team’s progress and performance throughout the season.

What Does T Mean In Football Positions?

Deciphering The ‘T’ In Football Positions:

In football, the letter ‘T’ usually doesn’t stand for a specific position but is often used to represent “Tactics” or “Formation.” This indicates how a team sets up on the field, including the players’ arrangement and roles.

Its Relevance:

Understanding the ‘T’ in football positions is crucial for analyzing a team’s style of play and strategy. Different ‘Ts’ can lead to various gameplay approaches, such as offensive or defensive formations.

What Does T.O.P. Stand For In Football?

T.O.P. Explained:

T.O.P. stands for “Time of Possession” in football. It refers to the amount of time a team controls the ball during a game.

Its Impact:

T.O.P. is a critical statistic in football as it directly affects a team’s chances of winning. A team that can maintain possession for more extended periods often has more opportunities to score and keeps the opposing team’s offense at bay.

What Does P.A.T Stand For In Football Abbreviation?

A Recap On P.A.T.

Just to reiterate, P.A.T. is the abbreviation for “Point After Touchdown.” It’s concisely referring to the extra point attempt made after scoring a touchdown in football.

What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football And Baseball?

Comparing P.A.T. In Football And Baseball:

Interestingly, while P.A.T. has a precise meaning in football, it has a different interpretation in baseball. In baseball, P.A.T. stands for “Passed Ball Allowed by a Team.” It represents an error by the team’s catcher that allows a runner to advance.

What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football Affect Standings?

P.A.T’s Influence On Standings:

The success rate of P.A.T. attempts can significantly impact a team’s position in the league standings. A team with a high conversion rate on P.A.Ts will likely earn more points, which can improve their overall ranking.

What Does P.A.T. Stand For In Football Betting Odds?

P.A.T And Betting Odds:

Betting enthusiasts often pay close attention to P.A.T outcomes. The success or failure of P.A.T. attempts can influence the point spread and over/under betting lines in football games. Savvy bettors consider P.A.T statistics as part of their betting strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does P.A.T. stand for in football?

Ans. P.A.T. stands for “Point After Touchdown.”

Q: When is a P.A.T. Stand attempted in football?

Ans. P.A.T. is attempted after a team scores a touchdown.

Q: How many points is a successful P.A.T. worth?

Ans. A successful P.A.T. is worth one point.

Q: What is the distance for a P.A.T. Stand kick in football?

Ans. The P.A.T. kick is taken 15 yards from the opponent’s end zone.

Q: Can a team choose not to attempt a P.A.T. after a touchdown?

Ans. Yes, a team can opt not to attempt a P.A.T. and instead go for a two-point conversion.

Q: Who typically takes the P.A.T. kick in football?

Ans. A specialized kicker, known as the placekicker, takes the P.A.T. kick.

Q: What happens if the P.A.T. kick is blocked or misses the goalposts?

Ans. The team does not earn the extra point if the P.A.T. is blocked or missed.

Q: How does a successful P.A.T. affect a team’s score?

Ans. It adds one point to the team’s total score after a touchdown, making it 7 points.

Q: How does a failed P.A.T. affect a team’s score?

Ans. A failed P.A.T results in 6 points for the team instead of 7 after a touchdown.

Q: Can a P.A.T. be returned for a touchdown by the opposing team?

Ans.  Yes, if the opposing team blocks a P.A.T. attempt and returns it to the opposite end zone, they can earn 2 points.

Q: What’s the success rate of P.A.T. attempts in professional football?

Ans. The success rate of P.A.T. attempts in professional football is typically very high, around 95%.

Q: Is the P.A.T. distance the same in college football as in the NFL?

Ans. No, the P.A.T. distance is shorter in college football, usually 20 yards from the goalposts.

Q: Are there any rule changes regarding the P.A.T. in recent years?

Ans. Yes, the NFL moved the P.A.T distance back to 15 yards in 2015 to increase the difficulty level.

Q: How does the weather affect P.A.T. attempts?

Ans. Adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or heavy rain, can make P.A.T. attempts more challenging.

Q: What’s the role of the holder during a P.A.T. attempt?

Ans. The holder is responsible for placing the ball in the correct position for the kicker and ensuring a clean snap.

Q: Can a P.A.T. attempt be taken as a drop-kick?

Ans. Although it’s rare, a P.A.T. can be attempted as a drop-kick instead of a traditional placekick.

Q: Can a P.A.T. be attempted after a field goal in football?

Ans. No, a P.A.T. is only attempted after a touchdown, not after a field goal.

Q: Is there a time limit for taking a P.A.T. in football?

Ans. Yes, there is a play clock, and the P.A.T. must be attempted within a specified time after the touchdown.

Q: How does the P.A.T. contribute to a team’s overall strategy in football?

Ans. The P.A.T. can influence game outcomes and strategy, as teams may choose to go for two points instead of attempting a P.A.T. in certain situations.

Q: Who holds the record for the most consecutive successful P.A.T. attempts in NFL history?

Ans. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Stephen Gostkowski held the record with over 523 consecutive successful P.A.T. kicks in the NFL. Please verify if this record still stands.


In conclusion, football is rich with acronyms and terms that may initially seem perplexing. However, with some knowledge and understanding, you can quickly grasp the meanings behind these terms. P.A.T, P, and T.O.P are just a few examples of football’s linguistic intricacies, each playing a unique role in the sport. So, the next time you watch a football game or analyze standings, you’ll better appreciate what these acronyms represent. Enjoy the game!

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