What Countries Call Football Soccer

What Countries Call Football Soccer?

Football Sport

In the world of sports, the term “football” can stir up quite a debate. While it’s commonly known as “soccer” in certain countries, it’s called “football” in others. The nomenclature of the beautiful game varies from nation to nation, often reflecting cultural and historical influences. This comprehensive article will explore What Countries Call Football Soccer, investigate the reasons behind these variations, and address some intriguing questions related to the sport’s terminology.

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Football, or soccer, is arguably the world’s most popular sport, captivating the hearts of millions. But why does it go by different names? And are there countries where it’s called neither? Let’s explore.

The Global Football Divide: Soccer Vs. Football

The great divide between “soccer” and “football” can be attributed to historical and linguistic influences. The term “soccer” derives from the word “association football,” coined in England in the late 19th century. It distinguished the sport from rugby football, another popular game. Over time, the abbreviation “soccer” stuck in countries like the United States and Canada, while “football” remained dominant in Europe, South America, and Africa.

Countries Where It’s Soccer.

The United States And Canada.

In the United States and Canada, “soccer” is the preferred term for the sport. This is primarily due to American and Canadian football, which are distinct from association football. The use of “soccer” helps avoid confusion between these sports.


Australia is another country where “soccer” is the commonly used term. The sport competes with Australian rules football and rugby, which are immensely popular in the country.

South Africa:

In South Africa, “soccer” is the widely accepted term, although rugby and cricket also enjoy significant popularity. The country’s linguistic diversity contributes to the use of the term “soccer” to ensure clarity.

Countries That Say Football:

 United Kingdom:

The birthplace of football, the United Kingdom, naturally calls it “football.” The game has deep historical roots in this region, dating back to the 19th century when formal rules were established. To the British, it will forever be “football.”


In Brazil, the sport is passionately referred to as “fuel.” With a rich football history and countless legendary players, “football” is more than just a name; it’s a way of life.


“Fußball” is the German term for football. The sport is deeply embedded in the country’s culture, with football clubs like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund enjoying global recognition.


Spain is no different, as it calls the sport “fútbol.” The country’s La Liga is one of the most-watched football leagues worldwide.

Football Vs. Other Sports:

 Soccer And Baseball Cleats

While we’ve explored the naming conventions for football, what about the gear? In countries where it’s “soccer,” the term “soccer cleats” is commonly used, whereas “football cleats” prevails in nations where it’s “football.”

 Football Vs. Soccer, But Not Soccer

Some countries, like Australia, use “soccer” in the name but still primarily play “football.” It’s a prime example of how the terminology can be misleading.

Football, Soccer, Basketball, And Baseball

When it comes to sports diversity, the United States takes the lead. Here, you can find “football,” “soccer,” “basketball,” and “baseball,” all coexisting harmoniously.

Football And Cricket:

In countries like India and England, where cricket enjoys immense popularity, “football” and “cricket” are the dominant sports. The contrast in naming adds to the sporting mosaic.

 Football And Cups:

International football tournaments are often called “cups” in countries that say “football.” The FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League are prime examples.

Football And Commercials

Football commercials featuring top players and teams are a global phenomenon. They showcase the sport’s universal appeal, transcending linguistic differences.

Unique Football Clubs Around The World:

Football clubs have unique names across the globe. From “Manchester United” in England to “Santos FC” in Brazil, each club carries a piece of its nation’s identity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do any other countries call football soccer?

Ans. Several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia, refer to it as “soccer.”

Q: What countries call football, soccer, and baseball cleats?

Ans. Countries like the United States use “soccer cleats,” while nations that say “football” opt for “football cleats.”

Q: What countries call football soccer but not soccer?

Ans. Australia is a prime example of a country that calls it “soccer” but primarily plays “football.”

Q: What countries call football, soccer, basketball, and baseball?

Ans. People know the United States for using different terms for various sports, including “football,” “soccer,” “basketball,” and “baseball.”

Q: What countries call football soccer clubs?

Ans. Regardless of the terminology, most nations refer to football teams as “clubs.”

Q: What countries call football, soccer, and cricket?

Ans. Countries like India, England, and Australia embrace “football” and “cricket” as prominent sports.

Q: What countries call the football soccer cup?

Ans. Countries that say “football” often use “cup” for international tournaments.

Q: What countries call football soccer commercials?

Ans. Football commercials are prevalent worldwide, transcending linguistic differences.

Q: Which countries call soccer instead of football?

Ans. Countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and others primarily use “soccer” instead of “football.”

Q: Which countries use the name soccer?

Ans. Nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and some parts of Oceania and Asia commonly use “soccer” for the sport.

Q: Does Japan call it soccer or football?

Ans. Japan predominantly uses the term “サッカー” (sakkā) for the sport, pronouncing it as “soccer” and writing it in katakana, the script used for foreign words.

Q: Do the British say football or soccer?

Ans. The British primarily refer to the sport as “football.”

Q: What does Britain call football?

Ans. In Britain, people call the sport “football,” and they often consider it the birthplace of modern association football.

Q: Why do Americans call it soccer?

Ans. Americans adopted the term “soccer” to distinguish association football from American and Canadian football, rugby, and other sports with similar names.

Q: Is soccer and football the same?

Ans. Yes, soccer and football refer to the same sport. The terminology varies based on regional preferences.

Q: What do most European countries call football?

Ans. Most European countries call it “football.”

Q: Do many Asian countries, including India, Japan, and South Korea, call soccer football?

Ans. Yes, many Asian countries, including India, Japan, and South Korea, call the sport “football.”

Q: What is the common name for the sport in Europe?

Ans. Throughout Europe, the sport is commonly named “football.”

Q: How do South Koreans express soccer?

Ans. In South Korea, people refer to the sport as “축구” (chukgu), which translates to “soccer” or “football.”

Q: Who is credited with inventing football?

Ans. We often credit the invention of football, as we know it today, to England and its roots in the United Kingdom.

Q: What was football initially called?

Ans. People originally called the sport “football” when they formalized it in the 19th century in England. The term “soccer” came into use later as an abbreviation of “association football.”

Conclusion: What Countries Call Football Soccer?

In the diverse world of sports terminology, the name for the beautiful game may differ; however, the passion and excitement it generates remain universal. Whether you call it “football” or “soccer,” there’s no denying its impact on cultures and societies across the globe. As the sport continues to evolve and captivate new audiences, the debate over its name will persist, reminding us of the global connections it fosters. So, let’s celebrate the sport, in all its names and forms, for the joy and unity it brings to our world.

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