How Much Does NBA Cheerleaders Make?


The spotlight often shines on the players in the exciting world of NBA basketball. It also shines on the captivating cheerleaders who add flair to the game. Many enthusiasts have one burning question: “How much do NBA cheerleaders make?” This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate details of NBA cheerleader salaries. We’ll shed light on their earnings per game, annual income, and various influencing factors.

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How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make Per Game?

With their infectious energy, NBA cheerleaders contribute significantly to the game’s atmosphere. Their Compensation per game varies across teams and cities. On average, NBA cheerleaders earn between $50 to $200 per game. This range is influenced by the team’s budget and the city’s cost of living. It also depends on the cheerleaders’ Experience and skill level.

How Does Someone Become An NBA Dancer?

Rigorous Auditions:

Becoming an NBA dancer is no easy feat. Auditions are often highly competitive. They require exceptional dance skills, charisma, and a passion for the sport. Prospective dancers undergo a series of rounds. They showcase their talent, versatility, and ability to perform under pressure.

Training and Fitness:

Successful candidates typically have a strong dance background. They are trained in various jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary styles. Moreover, maintaining peak physical fitness is crucial. The demanding routines require stamina and agility.

What Do NBA Cheerleaders Do?

Game Day Performances:

NBA cheerleaders play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall fan experience. Their high-energy performances during timeouts and halftime shows contribute to the electrifying atmosphere in the arena. Beyond dance, cheerleaders engage with the crowd, boosting team spirit.

Community Involvement:

Contrary to popular belief, the responsibilities of NBA cheerleaders extend beyond the court. Many engage in community outreach programs, charity events, and school visits. They showcase a commitment to making a positive impact off the hardwood.

How Much Are NBA Cheerleaders Paid?

Varied Compensation:

NBA cheerleaders’ salaries vary across teams. Variables like team performance, market size, and individual Experience influence Compensation. On average, salaries range from $75 to $150 per game. However, this figure excludes additional earnings from appearances, endorsements, and special events.

What Influences An NBA Cheerleader’s Pay?

Team Prestige:

Cheerleaders for high-profile teams, like the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics, often receive higher pay. This is due to the increased visibility and prestige associated with these organizations.

Performance Tenure:

Longevity in the role also plays a crucial role in determining pay. Experienced cheerleaders with a history of dedicated service to a team are more likely to receive higher Compensation.

How To Become An NBA Cheerleader?

Research And Preparation:

Prospective NBA cheerleaders should thoroughly research their desired team’s audition requirements. Understanding the team culture, dance style preferences, and community involvement initiatives can give candidates a competitive advantage.


Building connections within the dance and NBA community is essential. Attending dance events and workshops and networking with current or former NBA cheerleaders can provide valuable insights and opportunities.

Unraveling The Annual Income Of NBA Cheerleaders:

A Closer Look At Yearly Earnings:

NBA cheerleaders receive an annual income that provides a more stable financial outlook in addition to their game-by-game pay. The average yearly salary for NBA cheerleaders ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. However, this figure can fluctuate based on additional commitments, endorsements, and tenure with the team.

How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Get Paid Per Game?

Team-specific Variations:

Let’s explore the pay structures for cheerleaders from some of the top NBA teams.

New York Knicks Cheerleaders:

The New York Knicks are part of the bustling market. They offer competitive Compensation, with cheerleaders earning around $120 to $150 per game.

Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders:

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most iconic teams in the league. They pay their cheerleaders a premium. Cheerleaders earn an average of $130 to $160 per game day.

Boston Celtics Cheerleaders:

Cheerleaders for the Boston Celtics are rooted in a rich basketball legacy. They receive respectable Compensation, averaging $110 to $140 per game.

The NBA Cheerleaders Landscape:

Diversity And Talent:

NBA cheerleaders represent a diverse group of talented individuals. Each contributes uniquely to the league’s vibrant culture. Their performances transcend entertainment, embodying the spirit of teamwork and dedication.

Challenges And Rewards:

The journey to becoming an NBA cheerleader is demanding. The rewards go beyond monetary Compensation. The profession is fulfilling and sought-after. Camaraderie, unforgettable experiences, and the opportunity to inspire fans are why.

Factors Influencing NBA Cheerleader Salaries:

Experience and Skill Level:

NBA teams recognize and reward experience and skill in their cheerleaders. Those with several years in the industry and exceptional performance often command higher Compensation.

Team Budget and Location:

The NBA team’s financial standing and the city’s cost of living are crucial in determining cheerleader salaries. Teams in larger markets with higher budgets generally offer more competitive Compensation.

Additional Income Streams:

Cheerleaders can earn more than their base salary. They have opportunities to boost their earnings through various channels. This includes participating in promotional events. It also involves partnering with sponsors and engaging in community outreach programs.

The Average NBA Cheerleader Salary:

Determining the average salary of NBA cheerleaders involves considering the various compensation structures. On average, an NBA cheerleader can earn $25,000 to $30,000 annually. This figure encapsulates the game-day pay, annual salary, and additional income streams.

Beyond The NBA: Money In The World Of Dance

Cheerleading is integral to the NBA experience. However, some people pursue professional dance careers outside the NBA season. The income for professional dancers can vary widely. Some earn a substantial income from dance gigs, commercials, and other opportunities. However, these earnings are not directly tied to their roles as NBA cheerleaders.

The Varied Compensation Landscape:

Base Salaries:

NBA cheerleaders are valued for their talent, energy, and commitment. Their base salary varies across teams. The range typically falls between $50 to $150 per game. However, this figure might not accurately capture the comprehensive compensation structure.

Additional Earnings Opportunities:

Performances And Appearances:

Beyond game days, NBA cheerleaders often participate in various performances and public appearances. These events showcase their skills. They also provide extra income. Compensation for these engagements can vary, but it’s not uncommon for cheerleaders to earn $100 to $500 per appearance.

Endorsements And Sponsorships:

In the age of social media, NBA cheerleaders can use their popularity for endorsements and sponsorships. Aligning with brands or products can significantly boost their earnings. Some cheerleaders reportedly earn $1,000 or more per sponsored post.

The Impact Of Experience And Seniority:

Much like any profession, Experience plays a pivotal role in determining earnings. Newly recruited NBA cheerleaders might start with a modest base salary. However, as they gain Experience and seniority, their Compensation tends to increase. Some experienced cheerleaders have reported earning $500 or more per game. They also receive lucrative bonuses for long-term dedication.

Unveiling The Myth: Do Cheerleaders Receive Benefits?

Contrary to common misconceptions, NBA cheerleaders do enjoy certain benefits. Not all teams offer comprehensive packages. However, many provide perks. These include free gym memberships, travel allowances, and health insurance coverage. These additional benefits contribute to the overall appeal of being an NBA cheerleader.

Behind The Scenes: Rigorous Auditions And Training

Becoming an NBA cheerleader is no easy feat. We reveal the rigorous audition process and training that these performers undergo. Becoming an NBA cheerleader demands dedication and skill. You have to master choreography and showcase your personality.


NBA cheerleader auditions are highly competitive, drawing talented individuals from diverse dance backgrounds. The process often includes multiple rounds of auditions. Candidates are evaluated on their dance skills. They are also assessed on their ability to engage with the audience.

Training Regimens:

Once selected, NBA cheerleaders undergo intensive training regimens. The goal is to ensure synchronized performances and maintain peak physical fitness. Training sessions focus on dance routines, teamwork, and keeping spirits high during games. The NBA’s commitment to excellence is reflected in captivating court performances.

Breaking Stereotypes: The Professionalism Of NBA Cheerleaders

Education And Career Pursuits:

Contrary to stereotypes, many NBA cheerleaders pursue higher education. They also maintain professional careers alongside their role as cheerleaders. We celebrate the dedication and determination of these individuals. They successfully balance academic and professional goals with their passion for cheering.

Community Involvement:

NBA cheerleaders extend their influence beyond the court through community involvement. These individuals engage in charitable activities and community service. They contribute positively to society, breaking down stereotypes associated with their profession.

Exploring Career Progression: Before College, Training, And Summer Break

Before College:

Aspiring NBA cheerleaders often kick-start their careers during their college years. Participating in college cheerleading programs can open doors to opportunities with professional sports teams.

Before Training:

The journey to becoming an NBA cheerleader involves rigorous training. Preparing physically and mastering dance routines are essential aspects of the training process.

Before Summer Break:

Summer break is not just a time for rest. NBA cheerleaders use it to refine their skills, engage in extra training, and prepare for the upcoming season.


In conclusion, NBA cheerleaders’ salaries have many parts. They include game-day earnings, annual wages, and extra income. Experience, team budget, and location contribute to the varied Compensation in this dynamic field as enthusiasts continue to cheer for their favorite teams. It’s worth appreciating the dedication and talent displayed by NBA cheerleaders. They demonstrate commitment and skill both on and off the court.


Q: How much do NBA cheerleaders make per game?

Ans. NBA cheerleaders typically earn between $50 to $200 per game. The amount depends on the team’s budget and the city’s cost of living.

Q: What contributes to the variation in how much NBA cheerleaders make per game?

Ans. The game-by-game pay for cheerleaders is influenced by the NBA team’s Experience, skill level, and financial standing.

Q: How much do NBA cheerleaders make annually on average?

Ans. On average, NBA cheerleaders earn an annual salary from $20,000 to $40,000. This includes game-day pay and additional income streams.

Q: Are NBA cheerleaders compensated differently based on their experience and skill level?

Ans. Yes, Experience and skill significantly impact the Compensation for NBA cheerleaders. Those with more Experience and exceptional skills often receive higher pay.

Q: Do NBA cheerleaders have opportunities to boost their income outside games?

Ans. Absolutely. Cheerleaders can increase their earnings through various channels. These include promotional events, sponsor partnerships, and community outreach programs.

Q: How does the team’s budget impact how much NBA cheerleaders make?

Ans. Teams with higher budgets, typically in larger markets, can offer more competitive salaries to their cheerleaders.

Q: Is there a specific average salary range for NBA cheerleaders?

Ans. The average annual salary for NBA cheerleaders is $25,000 to $30,000. This includes game-day pay and other income sources.

Q: What additional income opportunities do NBA cheerleaders have?

Ans. NBA cheerleaders can make extra money. They can do this by participating in promotional events and collaborating with sponsors. They can also join community initiatives.

Q: How do NBA cheerleaders progress in their careers before college?

Ans. Aspiring NBA cheerleaders often start their journey in college. They participate in cheerleading programs that pave the way for professional opportunities.

Q: Is there a specific training process for becoming an NBA cheerleader?

Ans. Yes, the journey involves rigorous training. This includes both physical activity and mastering dance routines. It prepares for the demands of professional cheerleading.

Q: What happens before the summer break for NBA cheerleaders?

Ans. Summer break is a crucial period for cheerleaders. They refine their skills, engage in additional training, and prepare for the upcoming NBA season.

Q: Can NBA cheerleaders earn money before college?

Ans. While still in college, aspiring NBA cheerleaders may engage in college cheerleading programs. This helps them gain valuable experience for future professional opportunities.

Q: Does the income of NBA cheerleaders come solely from their roles as cheerleaders?

Ans. No, NBA cheerleaders can make extra money by doing dance gigs, commercials, and other jobs when the NBA season is over.

Q: How do NBA cheerleaders contribute to the game atmosphere?

Ans. NBA cheerleaders infuse energy and excitement into the game atmosphere. They enhance the overall entertainment experience for fans.

Q: Are NBA cheerleaders compensated differently based on their tenure with the team?

Ans. Yes, cheerleaders with longer tenure and loyalty to a team may receive higher Compensation. This is due to their experience and dedication.

Q: Can NBA cheerleaders participate in endorsement deals?

Ans. Yes, cheerleaders often have opportunities for endorsement deals, contributing to their overall income.

Q: How does the cost of living in a city impact NBA cheerleader salaries?

Ans. Cities with higher living costs may influence the salaries of NBA cheerleaders as teams consider the local financial landscape.

Q: Are there specific contractual commitments for NBA cheerleaders?

Ans. Yes, NBA cheerleaders typically sign contracts outlining their terms of service, including Compensation, commitments, and responsibilities.

Q: Do NBA cheerleaders receive Compensation for community outreach programs?

Ans. Participating in community outreach programs may provide additional avenues for NBA cheerleaders to earn Compensation.

Q: Can NBA cheerleaders pursue other careers while cheering professionally?

Ans. Many NBA cheerleaders pursue additional careers alongside professional cheerleading roles, leveraging their skills and talents in diverse fields.

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