Does Gonzaga Have A Football Team?

In the world of collegiate sports, football stands as a powerhouse, drawing in massive crowds and sincere support from fans nationwide. It’s a sport that has become synonymous with American culture. However, when we think of Gonzaga University, the first thing that comes to mind might be its illustrious basketball program. Yet, the question persists: Does Gonzaga have a football team? In this article, we will delve into football’s history, present status, and potential future at Gonzaga University.

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The Quest For Football: Why Doesn’t Gonzaga Have A Football Team?

The Historical Perspective:

Gonzaga University, situated in Spokane, Washington, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1887. While the institution has excelled in various sports, such as basketball and soccer, football has been conspicuously absent from its athletic lineup for many years.

The Changing Landscape Of College Football:

One of the main reasons Gonzaga does not have a football team today is the evolution of college football itself. The requirements and financial commitments to maintain a competitive football program have grown substantially over the years. Smaller schools like Gonzaga have often needed help to allocate the necessary resources to field a football team that can compete at the highest levels.

Focusing On Other Sports:

Gonzaga’s athletic department has chosen to invest its resources in sports where it can be highly competitive. Their renowned basketball program, for instance, has consistently ranked among the top teams in the nation. This strategic decision has allowed the university to shine in specific sports and gain national recognition.

Does Gonzaga Have A Football Team Anymore?

As of the time of writing, Gonzaga University does not have a football team. The last time they fielded a football team was in the early 1940s. Since then, the university has not shown any significant interest in reviving the football program.

The Future Of Football At Gonzaga:

While Gonzaga may not have a football team at present, it’s essential to note that the world of college sports is dynamic, and circumstances can change. There have been occasional discussions and speculations about the possibility of Gonzaga reinstating its football program. However, these are often met with challenges related to funding, facilities, and the competitive landscape of college football.

The Potential Challenges

Reviving a football program is no small feat. Gonzaga would need to address several key challenges, including:

Financial Commitment:

Funding a football team involves significant expenses, from scholarships to coaching staff salaries and facility maintenance.

Facility Requirements:

Building or renovating stadiums and practice facilities to meet modern standards is a substantial investment.

Recruiting And Competition:

Gonzaga would need to establish itself in a competitive football conference and attract talented players.

The Fan Base And Community Support:

One of the critical factors that could influence Gonzaga’s decision regarding football is the level of enthusiasm and support from the university’s fan base and the local community. A passionate and dedicated fan base can provide the necessary motivation and financial backing to kickstart a football program.

Gonzaga’s Focus On Academics:

Another aspect to consider is Gonzaga’s strong commitment to academic excellence. The university is renowned for its rigorous academic programs and may prioritize its educational mission over athletic expansion.


In conclusion, Gonzaga University still needs a football team as of the current landscape. While the idea of Gonzaga fielding a football team is intriguing, there are significant hurdles to overcome, including financial considerations, facility upgrades, and competition in the world of college football. Whether Gonzaga will eventually embrace the gridiron remains uncertain. However, for now, the university continues to make its mark in the world of sports through its highly successful basketball program and other athletic endeavours.


Q: Why doesn’t Gonzaga have a football team?

Gonzaga University has chosen to invest its resources in other sports like basketball and soccer, focusing on sports where they can excel.

Q: Does Gonzaga University have a football team?

No, as of the present, Gonzaga University does not have a football team.

Q: Does Gonzaga have a football team anymore?

No, Gonzaga University discontinued its football program in the early 1940s and has not revived it since.

Q: Does Gonzaga have a college football team?

No, Gonzaga University does not field a college football team.

Q: Are there any plans for Gonzaga to have a football team in the future?

While there have been occasional discussions, Gonzaga has yet to show significant interest in reinstating a football team. It would require addressing various challenges.

Q: Has Gonzaga ever gained 6 yards in football?

It must be clarified if Gonzaga gained exactly 6 yards in a football game, as the university’s football program ceased many years ago.

Q: Is there a Gonzaga football team in the NFL?

Gonzaga’s University does not have a football team in the NFL. NFL teams consist of professional players from across the country.

Q: Does Gonzaga have a football team, including substitutes?

As of the last known information, Gonzaga does not have a football team, so the question of substitutes does not apply.

Q: Who would be the kicker for Gonzaga’s football team if they had one?

Gonzaga does not have a football team, so there is no designated kicker. The hypothetical kicker would depend on the formation of a future team.

Q: Could Gonzaga start a football team if they wanted to?

In theory, Gonzaga’s could start a football team, but it would require significant financial resources, facility upgrades, and a commitment to competing in college football.

Q: What is the history of football at Gonzaga University?

Gonzaga’s University had a football team in the past but discontinued it in the early 1940s. Since then, they have yet to have a football program.

Q: Has any recent interest been in reviving Gonzaga’s football team?

There have been occasional speculations, but no substantial recent interest from Gonzaga’s University in reviving its football program.

Q: Are there any football scholarships available at Gonzaga’s?

No, Gonzaga University does not offer football scholarships because they do not have a football team.

Q: What are Gonzaga’s main challenges in starting a football team?

Gonzaga would face challenges such as securing funding, building or renovating facilities, recruiting players, and competing in a conference.

Q: Does Gonzaga’s focus on academics impact its football decisions?

Gonzaga’s strong commitment to academic excellence may have influenced its decision not to prioritize athletic expansion like football.

Q: Despite not having a team, Are there any football-related events or activities at


While Gonzaga doesn’t have a football team, they may host events or activities related to football, such as viewing parties for major games.

Q: Are there any famous football alumni from Gonzaga University?

Gonzaga’s football history is not well-known for producing NFL players, so no famous football alumni are associated with the university.

Q: Could Gonzaga collaborate with nearby universities for a football team?

It’s possible, but the logistics and agreements required for such collaborations can be complex.

Q: What sports does Gonzaga excel in besides basketball and soccer?

Gonzaga is renowned for its basketball and soccer programs, but it also has successful programs in sports like baseball and volleyball.

Q: How can I stay updated on Gonzaga’s athletic programs and potential football developments?

To stay updated on Gonzaga’s athletics and any potential football developments, you can visit the official Gonzaga University athletics website and follow their social media accounts for news and updates.

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